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QK Excerpt: Queen Kegel and the Arena Planet

QK and the Arena Planet: Snippet

I swam to my Castle through an aether of my own wetness. It was my first time ever (again), and it was a delicious deflowering. I wish I could lick your genitals and bestow upon you a sliver of how intoxicating it was—the boundless energy, the absolute abandonment of tension, the utter lack of thought, the exhilarating excess of feeling.

Everything was finally fixed. I stepped into my Castle for the first time (again). I was crowned. I called for my pipe and I called for my bowl and I called for my fiddlers three. As I finally sat, Enthroned, I enjoyed the best sativa to be found in three of my ‘verses while a dozen of my gladiators tongue-bathed me and dried me from my swim.

Queen Kegel had arrived.



Plan to buy it, it’s a SMUTPUNK EPIC.

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