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A Little-Known Secret

Wherein Callie Tells A Secret

I do have a secret to tell you, though I haven’t intentionally kept it a secret. It’s kind of become one, though, so I thought I should mention it here. This way, I put the information out there just in case anyone wants to know about it sometime.

Because of how my health has been over the last year and a half or so, not only have I been far less productive than at any other time in my life, but I’m also far more aware of my mortality than I’ve been for a while. Not more than ever, but it’s been informative, and influential.

If I’m going to blog, I may as well say something sometimes, right? I mean really say something as a writer-doing-a-blog. Nobody will read this who doesn’t want to. (Not until I get haters. And by then I’ve basically got it made, I think.)

So here’s my secret: I’m telling a very big story.

Secret Connects All!

Everything I release is related. As I produce more and more of it, it should become clearer how everything is interconnected. Even the most crass of my little 99 cent wankfests is tangentially related in specific ways that will make my entire catalog (allowing for possible, noted exceptions) part of one big honking story.

I’m not saying this to make something of myself that I’m not. The value, or lack thereof, of whatever I’m doing here will not be decided by me. But if anyone is interested in this, if perhaps someday I merit a readable wiki entry and they want a primary source on ‘The Butterface Saga’ or whatever I think of it as, I wanted to have it available so I can confirm: Yes, so far and for the next year at least, including all Intraworld books I release, all are related to one big story. Yes, I meant for them to be. Yes, the intention is for all questions to be answered, or at least answerable, from the reader’s perspective, I hope. Unless some shouldn’t be, of course, or can’t be, like non-fiction stuff.

I don’t know if my readers have realized this yet,  but if something happens and I don’t get to finish, I want them to know that maybe they can find more in my work than it first seemed, and maybe something they can get a little more entertainment value out of before they’re done with me.

Secret’s Form!

Butterface is my best attempt at a contemporary, accessible, essential, smutpunk story.  Everything in the Erotic Pulp books happens in the same universe, the Callieverse, a very close but not exact duplicate of our own universe. The Queen Kegel books are, and will be, a kind of meta-hallucinatory-autobiographical-experimental guidebook to the Callieverse, hopefully shedding light at times on the other stories and books and how everything is connected, in addition to every release being enjoyable on its own merits entirely.

I’m basically telling just one story, but everything is its own story too, even if you don’t know the other story I’m talking about. (There’s actually, probably, another nested level or two there, but trust me, it can be seen as one story.)

I could explain it in stupidly simple plot terms, which I can and probably will do, to a limited extent, if provoked and required. But that could take away from the fun for those of you who like the detail, the nitpicking, the intricacies and technicalities and the nerdgasms you get from things. You are my people and we live for each other, and I hope you know that. I was the hot redhead that played D&D and loved Battlestar Galactica both times and will argue with you about why Sean Connery IS TOO the best Bond ever and always and who still prefers to kill you with 10 poison tokens than taking away your 20 life and has seen every single Star Wars movie in the theater every time it was released and has seen every episode of every Star Trek series on an actual television with a cathode ray tube and who didn’t mind dressing up like a schoolgirl or a nurse or whatever slutty revealing thing you wanted to see me in at conventions. And when I wasn’t with you guys, I was with the stoner metalheads getting my buzz and sex on. (Most of you chess club guys just should have been braver or less pushy, that’s all.)

But if any of those kind of people come to love me, I’m not going to ruin this for them by just saying “this means this, and that means that, and this happened because of that AND that AND that” unless it’s something I just failed to make comprehensible through my work and your potential intelligence. The fun of things is making your own connections. Sharing the revelations. Making it personal and making it connect you to others. It’s its own thing and it’s valuable. And everybody has at least thing like that.

So yeah, if my smutpunk is ever a thing like that for you, the answer is Yes. It’s one. Big. Huge. Story.




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