Redneck Review and Rant Jordan Silver correction in advance

A Correction In Advance

Correction In Advance to Self-Publishing Articles

At some point in one of my upcoming self-publishing lessons, and elsewhere too, I mention that the column runs on Sundays at 6am E.S.T. I am issuing this correction since I just decided to change the column to run on Saturdays, at any time I choose.

More people have free time on Saturdays, and I get more viewers. Since that’s what most of you want to see, and not my completely pointless posts, it seems like the right call.

(You’re missing some good stuff though! And some not-so-good.)

I am not feeling arsed to find it in the queued-up columns and fix it, so it is remaining unfixed. This is me fixing it, not by removing it, but by addressing it before the fact. You get?

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