what is smutpunk?

What is smutpunk again?

What is smutpunk?


Everybody asks, ‘What is smutpunk?’ and even with the info available, people are still asking it. Here are a few more little
soundbyte idea nuggets to help explain.

Smutpunk is the mythologies and pantheons you think you know, but don’t…and the mythologies and pantheons you think you don’t know, but do

Smutpunk is the rush of warmth when the buzz kicks in

Smutpunk is the blood on your dick after you popped her cherry

Smutpunk is the last page in the infinite book of infinities

Smutpunk is the excessive lust that comes from facing your own mortality

Smutpunk is a steampunk superhero comic book about flying sentient cocks and demon cunts the size of buildings

Smutpunk is whatever the fuck I say it is

This flick is smutpunk

Sucker Punch is smutpunk

Fuck Yourself is Smutpunk

But mostly smutpunk is a literary subgenre that gives these vibes because no film can seriously compete with your imagination, if you let it run free.

Oh, and smutpunk is also this image which I had to choose not to use for this article because of uptight-ass facebook. Fucking prudes.

what is smutpunk? callie press

What else is smutpunk?

And what else else is smutpunk?

And what else the fuck is smutpunk?

And here’s a great little read on what smutpunk is!

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